Saturday, September 12, 2015


Makes a YUMMY breakfast!!!! 

16 ounces of Ground sausage
1/2 cup onion, diced
4 potatoes, washed and diced, (really small pieces)
2/3 cup butter
2/3 cup flour
2/3 cup chicken or beef broth
2 1/2 cup milk or more
1/2 tsp. seasoning salt
Salt and Pepper to taste
16 of the large home-style buttermilk biscuits
(the pop and bake kind)
8 miniature pie tins
Preheat oven to 350

Wash, cut and dice potatoes first. Dice onions, then in a large skillet,
add sausage, crumble in to small pieces, add potatoes, and onion.

Cook on medium heat for about 15 to 20 minutes stirring so mixture
doesn't burn.

Meanwhile in a large saucepan, melt butter on medium heat,
and once melted add the flour and broth. Whisk together till
well blended. Slowly add in the milk, and continue to stir until
mixture thickens. Add more milk if too thick. Add seasoning
salt and salt and pepper to taste.

Add the sausage potato mixture to the gravy and stir well.
Set aside.

Roll the biscuits out, one at a time. Roll out one for bottom layer
a little bigger than the pie tin, and one that will go over the top.
After you roll out the biscuits, put it into the pie tin, fill it with the
gravy mixture, be careful not to get on edges. Top off with the
top biscuit and pinch edges together all around the top layer of
the pies. Do this with the rest of the biscuits.

If you don't have the pie tins, this will also work with a muffin tin.
Use one roll for the bottom of the tin, and half a roll for the top.
Bake for 15 minutes for the pies, and 13 for the muffin size.


2 large boneless skinless chicken breast
5 boneless skinless chicken thighs

1 quart buttermilk
1/2 cup Franks Original Red Hot Sauce

3 cups all-purpose flour
1 1/2 Tbsp. garlic powder
1 1/2 Tbsp. Onion Powder
2 Tbsp. Texas Style Steak Seasoning

This is my little cousin Baylee's favorite! Let me know what ya'll think! 


This one is AMAZING!!!!! 


1/2 cup coconut oil, at room temperature
1 egg, lightly beaten
1 cup milk
1 cup all purpose flour
1 cup sugar
2 teaspoons baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 lb strawberries, washed and quartered (You can use whole fruit, but we like berries in every bite)
4 oz cream cheese, cut into small pieces

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Pour coconut oil into a 9x13 glass baking dish. In a small bowl, mix together the flour, baking powder, sugar, salt, egg and milk until smooth. pour directly over coconut oil in baking dish, but do not mix or stir.

Add the strawberries, arranging in a single layer as much as possible. Sprinkle cream cheese pieces over strawberries. Place in preheated oven and bake for 45 minutes or until golden brown and edges are bubbling. (Crust rises up and around the fruit, but fruit will peek out of top.)


So delicious and soft. mmmmmm....

1 cup white sugar
2 cups old fashioned oats
1/2 cup brown sugar
1 1/2 cup flour
1 egg
1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp baking powder
1 cup butter, softened
1 Tbsp vanilla
Cream sugars and butter together. Add egg and vanilla. Mix. Add baking powder and baking soda. Mix well. Add oatmeal. mix. Add flour and mix well. Scoop into cookie sheets. Bake at 350 until edges are golden!


So simple to make!!!!

You will need:
2 lbs of Ground Beef or Turkey
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 large onion chopped
1 Tsp minced garlic
1 small head of cabbage...chopped
2 cans (14.5 ounces each) diced tomatoes
1 can (8 ounces) tomato sauce
1/2 Cup water
1 tsp black pepper
1 tsp sea salt
1 tsp Greek seasoning

In a large pan heat your olive oil... add your meat and onions...cook till no longer pink...add garlic...cook add'l min.
Add the chopped cabbage, tomatoes, tomato sauce, pepper, greek seasoning salt, and water...bring to a boil...cover and simmer for 20 to 30 min...or until cabbage is tender
Enjoy ~ 


Super EASY!!!! 

4-5 potatoes
4 Tbs butter, melted
4-5 green onions, chopped
1 cup grated cheese of your choice
4 strips of cooked bacon

1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees

2. Slice potatoes about ¼” thick and brush both sides of potato slices with butter; place them on a cookie sheet.

3. Bake in the preheated oven for 30 to 40 minutes or until lightly browned on both sides, turning once.

When potatoes are ready, top with bacon, cheese, green onion; continue baking until the cheese has melted;
Add some sour cream and enjoy!!


Easy to make and delicious!!!! 

6 apples of choice
12 teaspoons butter
1/2 cup splenda or stevia
6 ounces diet 7 up
2 tsp ground cinnamon
9x13 inch baking dish
Pillsbury or Bisquick Biscuits(your choice)

Peel core and halve apples.

Place 1 tsp of butter or margarine in the hollow area of apple and place apple right side up in dish and set aside.

Pour 7 up over apples as evenly as possible.

In bowl combine splenda or stevia and cinnamon and mix very well.

Sprinkle cinnamon mixture evenly over apples.

Cover apples with your choice:
Pillsbury Biscuits (regular size) or Bisquick Biscuits Mix rolled out like pastry.

Bake in oven 350 degrees for 30 - 45 minutes ( do not overbake).

Let sit 5 minutes before serving and spoon sauce from pan over dumpling.

Serve topped with ice cream(sugar free) or your favorite. Or by itself.....ENJOY!

from Courtney Luper

Italian Creme

1 Box of Vanilla Wafers
1 Can of Crushed Pineapples with Juice 
1/4 cup Lemon Juice 
1 can sweetened condensed milk
1 package of coconut
1 (8oz) Container Cool Whip
1 small jar of cherries
1 cup of pecans (optional)

Layer the bottom of dish with Vanilla Wafers. Mix in a bowl the lemon juice and condensed milk, then add the pineapples and mix all together. Pour this over the vanilla wafers in the dish. Add another layer of the Vanilla Wafers on top of the pineapple mix. Then top with cool whip, and coconut and cherries. Refrigerate overnight. Serve and Enjoy!

Note: You can replace coconut with pecans if you'd like.

found on FaceBook 
by Sylvia

Red Velvet Strawberry Shortcake Layer Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

Red Velvet Strawberry Shortcake Layer Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting
For the Red Velvet Cake Layers:
2 ½C All Purposw Flour
1 ½C Sugar
1t Baking Soda
1t Salt
2t Cocoa Powder
1 ½C Vegetable Oil
1C Buttermilk, Room Temperature
2 Large Eggs, Room Temperature
2T Red Food Coloring (1 oz)
1t White Distilled Vinegar
1t Vanilla
For the Cream Cheese Poundcake Layers:
1 ½ Sticks of Unsalted Butter, Softened
1 8oz Package of Cream Cheese, Softened
1 ½C Sugar
3 Large Eggs
1 ½C AP Flour
Pinch of Salt
2t Vanilla
For the Cream Cheese Frosting:
4 8oz Packages of Cream Cheese, Softened
2 Stick of Unsalted Butter, Softened
4C Confectioners’ Sugar, Sifted
2t Vanilla
Fresh Strawberries, Cut into Cubes
For the Cake:
3 Prepared Red Velvet Cake Layers
2 Prepared Cream Cheese Poundcake Layers
Prepared Cream Cheese Frosting
Fresh Strawberries, For Garnish
Toasted Chopped Pecans, For Garnish
1. To Make the Red Velvet Cake: Preheat the oven to 350 degrees and spray 3 cake pans with Pam and set them aside. In a large bowl, sift together the flour, sugar, baking soda, salt, and cocoa powder. In another large bowl, whisk together the oil, buttermilk, eggs, food coloring, vinegar, and vanilla. Using a standing mixer, mix the dry ingredients into the wet ingredients until just combined and a smooth batter is formed. Divide the cake batter evenly among the prepared cake pans. Place the pans in the oven, evenly spaced apart. Bake, rotating the pans halfway through the cooking, until the cake pulls away from the sides of the pans, and a toothpick inserted in the center of the cakes comes out clean, about 30 minutes. Remove the cakes from the oven and run a knife around the edges to loosen them from the sides of the pans. One at a time, invert the cakes onto a cooling rack and let cool completely before layering.
2. To Make the Cream Cheese Poundcake: Preheat the oven to 300 degrees and spray 2 cake pans with Pam and set them aside. In an electric mixer, beat the butter and cream cheese at medium speed until creamy, about 2-3 minutes. Gradually add in the sugar, beating well. Add in the eggs, one at a time, until each egg is completely incorporated before adding the next; beat until just combined. Combine the flour and salt in a small bowl, and then gradually add it to the butter mixture, beating at a low speed just until blended after each addition. Stir in the vanilla. Pour the batter into the two prepared pans and bake for about 45 minutes to an hour each, or until a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean. Cool in the pan for 10-15 minutes and then invert on a wire rack to cool completely (before layering).
3. Layer the Cake: Place 1 layer of the red velvet cake (rounded side down) in the middle of a cake stand. Using a spatula spread a thick layer of the cream cheese frosting on top of the cake layer. Scatter about ¼C of fresh strawberry pieces (pushing the fruit in slightly, so they sink into the frosting). Carefully set a layer of cream cheese Poundcake on top of the strawberry frosting layer (rounded side down) and spread another thick layer of seven minute frosting and strawberries. Repeat this pattern until all the cake layers have been used, as well as the frosting. Make sure you end with a layer of red velvet cake.
4. To Make the Cream Cheese Frosting: In a medium mixing bowl, cream together the cream cheese and butter until light and fluffy. Mix in the vanilla, and then gradually stir in the confectioners’ sugar. Once you have finished layering & stacking the cake, spread this softened cream cheese frosting over the entire cake. This first layer of cream cheese frosting should be very thin (make sure to scrape of excess with a knife). Place the cake in the refrigerator for an hour to harden. By doing this, this will form a hard layer around the cake, which will help with the cake crumbs to not be visible in your frosting. Remove the cake from the refrigerator and spread the remaining cream cheese frosting over the cake in a thick coating (make sure it is even and smooth). Once all the frosting has been used, press the chopped pecans onto the sides of the cake for presentation. And then top with fresh cut strawberries.
5. Refrigerate the cake for 30 minutes to set up the frosting, but then let the cake come to room temperature for about 15-20 minutes before eating.
6. Serve and enjoy this beautiful masterpiece!!